Tech Training to Meet Client Expectations

Posted by Editor Kristi Heidel

The following is an excerpt from Jason Krause, Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations, ABA Journal (Aug 1, 2016).

The Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition, or LTC4, has created a certification program around lawyers’ use of technology. The organization argues that rapid technological changes, alternative fee models and increasing scrutiny from clients are putting pressure on attorneys to prove their worth.

Broad Training
The organization offers its members learning plans and certification in nine broad, generic areas, including managing documents and emails, and collaborating with others. It also offers more specific learning plans that cover topics such as time and billing, and reports and exhibits.

“We know that firms offer training and classes for their people; but most people, especially attorneys who bill their time will often skip or walk out of the class,” says Bonnie Beuth, board chairman for LTC4.

LTC4 says its core competencies are not specific to any particular products or software packages, but are designed to provide a broad level of technical knowledge.

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