Enjoy What You’re Doing

The following contains an excerpt from Harrison Barnes, You Need to Enjoy What You Are Doing, www.hb.org (Jul 19, 2016).

One of the greatest lessons you can ever learn is that you shouldn’t be doing anything you don’t enjoy. You should enjoy getting up for your job each day. You should like the work you do and be so interested in it you think about it at night. You should like the people around you and should never do anything you don’t truly love and enjoy. There is nothing wrong with suffering though certain classes when you’re in school and there’s nothing wrong with doing certain types of grunt work; however, you really shouldn’t be doing something you do not enjoy.

Nothing good ever happens and nothing good will ever come to you when you’re doing tasks and jobs that don’t interest you. So many people go through their lives doing things they don’t enjoy. This is totally unnecessary.

Regardless of how stupid you think what you enjoy doing is, the chances are you can make a very good living doing it if you really get passionate about it.

You shouldn’t be doing anything that you don’t enjoy. Nothing good ever happens and nothing good will ever come to you when you are doing tasks and jobs that do not interest you. Spend your working time doing something that lights your fire. Additionally, do work where you feel welcome and among people who are like you. When you do this, your life will begin to change.

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