How to Use Social Media for Your Small Law Firm

Posted by Editor Kristi Heidel

The following contains an excerpt from Daniel Decker, Four Ways to Use Social Media for Small Law Firm, Law Technology Today (Apr 4, 2017).

Create Top-Of-Mind Awareness
Social media provides an ideal channel to create quick touch-points multiple times per week –ensuring that when the opportunity for a referral arises, your referral sources think of you and make the connection.

To Enhance Credibility
Use social media as a platform to demonstrate your expertise and your status as a thought-leader within your area of practice. [Share] blog entries and articles you’ve written…news developments that impact your target market, and by promoting media appearances, speaking opportunities, and other events that showcase your expertise.

To Build a Consistent Brand
Building an effective brand requires consistency and repetition. Use your social media presence to reinforce your focus and to communicate this focus with your target market.

To Educate and Engage Your Audience
One of the important functions of your internet foundation (of which social media is an integral part) is to condition and pre-education potential clients and referral sources. Many lawyers have reported that their “closing” process is much faster, smoother, and more efficient as a result of their social media presence –because the “nightmare clients” have been filtered out already, and the good clients have been pre-educated and are excited to get the ball rolling.

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