Mindfulness At Work

The following contains an excerpt from Sara Tollefson, 3 Things Lawyers and Other Professionals Can Do Right Now to Bring Mindfulness to Work, www.mindful.org (Aug 4, 2014).

Take Five Minutes for a Mindfulness Reset
Select a set time for a five- to ten-minute “Mindfulness Reset” each day. …For those five minutes, allow your mind to settle on the sensations of breathing in and out, and to let whatever other thought, sensations or emotions arise, and without attaching to them, allowing them to float by…

Take a Minute for Gratitude Each Day
Another suggestion is to incorporate a mindful practice into your daily routine, by ending each evening by reflecting on three things that you experienced that day for which you are grateful.

Find a Community
[I]t’s extremely helpful to experience the support of at least one other person who shares your interest in bringing mindfulness to work.

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