Qualities Modern Corporations Need in Their Legal Teams

Posted by Editor Kristi Heidel

The following is an excerpt from Sam Bock, Four Qualities Modern Corporations Need in Their Legal Teams, Law Technology Today (Mar 29, 2017).

Understand Breadth of Legal Specializations
“Except for very small companies, my view is that a general counsel should have at least 25 years of high-quality experience across a number of practice areas, including corporate, transactions, and employment, and at least reasonable experience with general compliance issues, intellectual property, insurance, litigation, and dispute resolution,” said David Hejna, general counsel at kCura.

In addition to learning the ropes of these many areas, in-house legal teams must keep up with a constantly evolving landscape of regulation, globalization, and technology.

Be Thrifty
Corporate legal teams feel the crunch to cut expenses along with every other business segment. They’re finding ways to be value-producing departments who can impact company effectiveness in big ways.

Embrace Technology
Part of maximizing a legal team’s operational effectiveness is understanding and embracing the role technology now plays in their day-to-day functions. …Depending on their collective skills, bandwidth, and budget, corporate legal teams can take a broad approach to technology adoption.

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