Technology Mistakes Lawyers Make

Posted by Editor Kristi Heidel

The following is an excerpt from Joe Kelly, Ten Technology Mistakes Lawyers Make Every Day, Law Technology Today (July 28, 2016).

Nearly 60% of the respondents to the International Legal Technology Association 2015 Legal Technology Purchasing Survey listed security management as their top IT challenge. That was followed by email management at 48%, information governance at 40%, and risk management/compliance 33%.

Clicking on Attachments from Unknown Senders
According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, more hackers [used] malware to hold organizations’ data hostage in 2016 than in 2015—and there were more than 4 million samples of ransom-ware in the second quarter of 2015 alone. Prior to opening an email, check the email address to find out if you recognize the sender and if it is his or her correct information.

Storing Unencrypted Client Data on Laptops & Mobile Devices
Laptops, tablets and phones are prime targets for thieves. They contain almost anything a thief needs to harm your practice… You should avoid storing information on these devices. Instead, opt to store information in the cloud, which offers an elevated level of security including two-factor authentication, intrusion detection systems and encryption.

Failing to Invest in High-Quality Internet
Good quality bandwidth, such as fiber through an internet provider, will always pay off when it comes to staff productivity by eliminating connectivity issues with apps, voice calls and more.

Investing in New Systems without Considering Security
If they do not have a security expert on staff, law firms should consider partnering with a business or consultant that specializes in protecting electronic systems and information.

Listening to “Bob from Microsoft”
The con starts with this: Someone from a tech support company may call your direct line claiming to have noticed a virus on your computer. When he or she offers to do a screen connect to fix it, you accept their help. But allowing an unverified technologist to remote into your computer is a huge mistake.

Falling Prey to Proprietary Data Storage
Sometimes trouble arises when law firms outgrow their current software and need to upgrade to an entirely new system. Different software applications format data differently…which makes extracting or transferring data out or to another program difficult.

Skimping on Training
At a time when technology plays such a large role in the success of law firms, cutting back on training to save a few dollars can cause extensive harm. Take the time to fully acquaint all lawyers and staff with new solutions.

Handling Your Own Tech Challenges
Choosing the right IT provider that specializes in law firms, cyber security and legal software can make all the difference.

Choosing Solutions Based on Cost, Not Effectiveness
Your firm needs to take the time to understand the features of new technology and how your attorneys and staff will use it. Only then can you thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of each new tool.

Not Taking a Holistic Approach to Technology
When selecting different technology tools and systems, you must consider the needs of everyone, including attorneys, staff and clients. That means you, or any other individual attorneys, may not be the best person to make decisions on new software purchases.

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